Marty and Susan Schreiber founded N2 HOT RODS in 2003 as an extension of their passion for the car hobby. The Schreiber’s have been involved in the car hobby for more than 30 years, rebuilding, restoring and racing cars. With more than 30 years of car building experience from classics, hot rods to muscle cars N2 HOT RODS can build or restore your unique project. Marty also brings 25 years of mechanical engineering experience to the car hobby utilizing engineering expertise to build reliable performance cars. Over the past 10 years The Schreiber’s have built multiple award winning hotrods and classic cars. Our success is based on providing unique and traditional styling at affordable pricing. We pride ourselves on finding design solutions and delivering performance with value in mind. We are proud Alliance Members of  The H.A.M.B. N2 HOT RODS specialty is the traditional hot rod based on the Model A Ford platform utilizing classic hot rod design and power plants. Our philosophy for building hot rods is to understand the clients needs and to deliver value. Building a hot rod or restoring a classic car is not about bolting together the most expensive parts you can find. It’s about the thought of the final goal and the unique way to obtain that goal. The result is a one of a kind car that is not a cookie cutter that everyone can be proud of.


  • General Hot Rod an Classic Car Repair
  • Frame Fabrication
  • Complete Restoration
  • Exhaust Fabrication
  • Hot Rod Fabrication
  • Custom Exhaust Ends
  • Chassis Fabrication
  • Custom Wiring and Electrical work
  • Engine repair and building
  • Paint and Bodywork
  • Transmission repair and building
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Rear-end fabrication
  • Custom Bracket Fabrication